3 Things To Stop Doing Before You Meet The 1

April 23, 2015 at 9:00 am


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If you are a subscriber to this blog, you should already have the mindset that the 1 will come. It’s not a matter of if, but it’s a matter of when. I’m not helping you prepare for a what if or what might happen, but I’m helping you prepare for when you meet the 1. That’s why you’re Single For the 1 God has for you.

So, as you continue to move forward on this journey, I have outlined 3 things you can do to prepare to meet the 1.


1.) Stop Entertaining Doubt

I know going through the mental and emotional battle at times gets old. Well, it gets old because it is old. It’s played out. Doubt is an enemy of your faith. Stop going by what you simply see and go by what God said. God said, “Man should not be alone.” He said it, and you should believe it. So, you’re not alone.


You will get to the 1 God has for you, but the back and forth with all the what if’s that goes through your mind must cease. I know you have feelings, but don’t live in those negative feelings. Rest in God! Rest in knowing that He has someone for you. Remember that time is not against you.


You may feel like you’re running out of time, but you can’t run out of something that doesn’t belong to you! Time belongs to God! When you entertain doubt and don’t reject it, it’s like telling God that you don’t believe Him. I know that’s not the case. However, scripture makes it clear that “whatever is not of faith is sin” (Romans 14:23).


This is not to condemn, but it’s just to help you see that you should entertain faith, not doubt. Embrace faith, not fear. I know that fear is an attacking spirit that attacks your faith, but rest in God. You haven’t come this far to be left with crumbs. You don’t have to settle for a small piece of a relationship b/c God will give you the full package! It doesn’t matter what any statistics say. When you’re in faith, the only statistic that truly matters is that God has a 100% success rate! You will get to the 1; just continue to ride on the waves of your faith!


2.) Stop Entertaining Projects

You don’t need to be falling in love with a project. A project is someone who you feel you can fix. God didn’t give you the responsibility to fix anything! He put that responsibility on Himself, so stop trying to fix people or things! There is a difference in God using you to help someone heal or progress as opposed to you trying to heal them or change them yourself.


Be careful not to fall in love with someone who was only a temporary assignment! Sometimes, it seems like because you invested so much into them, you may feel that you should also get all the returns from that investment. It was an honor to have been used by God. Your reward will come, but it doesn’t mean that person will be a part of that reward.  The danger in taking an assignment from God too personal is that you make it yours and take matters into your own hands! Let Him handle it!


It’s an easy thing to fall into because you have compassion towards the person you’re helping. This is where boundaries come into play. You must set proper boundaries ahead of time. You don’t have to force love because when love finds you, it will literally overtake you!


3.) Stop Entertaining the Past

You may feel like you’re not stuck in the past, but you entertain the past when you dwell on what happened or didn’t happen. It’s quite possible that you may be friends with an ex or you both may not be in communication right now. Either way, the past is the past.


You can’t go back and relive the past. Everything is moving forward, and you should too. Sometimes you may fall back into the trap of thinking of how things used to be or how you wished things were. If you keep looking back to love that’s behind you, it will become more difficult to recognize love that’s in front of you! Is it easy? No, it isn’t. However, you can’t allow those thoughts to control you.


When you entertain the past over and over again, there is a perception that you missed out on something! You can’t miss out on love b/c God is love and His love in the right 1 for you will be loud and clear! There is a difference in reflecting about how far you’ve come as opposed to looking back and trying to live there. You can’t go back and bring someone from your past into your present or put them in the future! If they are to be here, it will happen!


In the meantime, don’t sit around waiting for yesterday’s love to come knocking b/c today has more than enough for you! You will get to the 1, and while you’re in route, stop doing these things. I have no doubt that you will get there.


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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