The Devil Is Messing With My Love Life

June 23, 2016 at 9:00 am

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I know that when it comes to dating and relationships and when you will get married, a lot of focus is placed on waiting on God. Most Christian relationship coaches spend a lot of time talking about waiting on God and preparing yourself while you wait. That’s good, but I’ve come to tell you that for the majority of you, it has less to do with you waiting on God and more to do with God waiting on you. I’m going to say something that may shock you! For most of you, God has already released your spouse but they are being held up by the devil. Not only that, but the enemy may actually be able to hold your spouse up legally that could have nothing to do directly with anything you did. The good news is that God has something wonderful that’s planned just for you when you get to the end of this blog post that will begin to propel you forward.


So, you’re not waiting on God! You’re dealing with Satan and his demons trying to prevent you from getting to the 1. The church loves to say, “What God has for me it is for me.” That is very true, but if God has released your spouse and released answers to your prayers, it’s up to us to do our part to ensure we get it. This goes back to understanding spiritual warfare. Scripture is very clear when it says, “…Your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). Jesus also told us in scripture, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly (John 10:10).


If that’s not enough evidence for you to see that we’re in a war, scripture also tells us, Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.”So, it is safe to say that we are at war. The enemy is warring against your love life. They don’t want you married if you’re supposed to be married. If you do marry, they don’t want you to marry who God ordained for you to marry. So, it’s a fight, but you have the weapons to win the fight. No matter what the enemy does to try to prevent you from getting to the 1, you have weapons that God gave to overturn the works of the enemy!


The bad cycles you went through in relationships were not b/c of God. God wants the best for you and He has the best for you! It was the enemy at work against you. You could have even dated a great person, but if they weren’t the 1, they just weren’t the 1. Good doesn’t always mean they’re good for you. However, the enemy slips in and tries to create wounds in your soul by having you grieve over that relationship to the point it causes more issues in your life. The enemy wants to create stress and depression.  Believe it or not, stress and depression are demonic spirits. They are lowering ranking spirits, but can still cause catastrophic issues.


Satan will send knockoffs in your life to create problems. He will use it to create trust issues, ungodly soul ties, anger, resentment, etc. He will use your experiences to upset you so much that you start speaking curses over your own life unknowingly. When you say things like: “I’ll never get married at this pace,” “All men are dogs,” “I don’t want to get married,” “all the good one’s are taken,” etc., those are word curses that you need to cast down.  I break every word curse that was ever spoken over you concerning your love life or anything in your future in Jesus name!


It’s not you. The problem isn’t you! Get that out of your mind. The problem is the enemy working behind the scenes trying to stop you from progressing! How many times have you gotten frustrated on the journey? How many times have you gotten mad at God? How many times have you felt something was wrong with you? You have been directing your anger towards the wrong one. You need to take it out on the enemy.


Yes, I know you have been praying to God, but God has given you power and authority to deal with the enemy who is trying to stop you on earth. He’s talking to you, but you were too caught up in feelings. Not only must you pray, but you must also use the weapons God gave you to fight against the enemy in spiritual warfare. It’s time to fight! It’s time to use your weapons.


I can speak from personal experience b/c I know as a fact I was supposed to be married before I did get married. I had 3 wives snatched away and that I know as a fact, and in all likelihood it was really probably 4. It wasn’t until I was delivered from a specific demonic spirit that was assigned to block me from marriage that I finally got breakthrough. I prayed and prayed and warred. It was after prayer and engaging in warfare that my eyes were opened to exactly what was blocking me.


It wasn’t God’s fault. God had released my spouse. What was working against me was also working against them. When it comes to certain things, there is a window of opportunity. In some of it, we made choices as well. The good news is that whatever the enemy stole, they must pay back with interest. It didn’t spoil God’s plan b/c God upgraded me in the end. However, it took me praying and warring to get my breakthrough.


You have your own story. I can only imagine how much has been held up in your life b/c of what the enemy is doing behind the scenes. The good news is that God has given my wife and I proven and effective strategies and a plan to help you overcome the demonic oppression in your life. Your love life and other areas in your life in general do not have to be on hold any longer.


Join me for a free teleconference that I will be conducting entitled, “Why Is Your Life On Hold? It will be the 1st step towards seeing radical transformation in your life and ridding your life of the works of the enemy that has kept so much on hold in your life. The registration link is below.

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In the meantime, don’t get mad at God b/c that only gives the enemy another wide open door to attack legally. It’s time to take it out on the enemy, and we will show you how if you’re ready. I believe that you are.


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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