The DNA Of A Qualified Christian Single

February 2, 2017 at 9:00 am


Yes, there are all types of singles across the globe from various walks of life. I know you’ve heard every statistic there is when it comes to dating and relationships. Some of the statistics are false. Some are misleading. Some causes fear and panic. However, at the end of the day, those statistics have nothing to do with you meeting the 1. 


Yes, there are many singles in the world, but there is a distinct difference between you and any other single out there. There is a distinct difference between a Christian single and a single who is in the world. We can take it a step forward b/c I’m not talking about only someone who has accepted Christ. I’m talking about a single Christian who is committed to pleasing God.


You are different as you should be. It is not an indictment against anyone because they have been presented with the same opportunity to set Godly standards and to conduct themselves as a Godly individual. No this is not a judgment against anyone, but it’s simply laying out the facts. You do stand out! You are set apart! You are uniquely different, and that’s why you can’t be with just any person.


When you operate under a Godly standard, God’s name is on the line and His name is never brought to shame! You are a standard bearer! You don’t have to raise the bar when you are the bar! You represent Christ, and that should reflect in your choices in dating!


Don’t listen to that bad advice that says you’re too selective! Umm, you’re supposed to be! Don’t receive those word curses about if you don’t stop being picky, you will remain single! Don’t receive it. Don’t feel bad about being selective. Yes, there is a difference b/w standards and preferences. Your preferences may change, but your standards should remain the same. We know no one is perfect, but there is a difference in someone who is a work in progress as opposed to someone who isn’t truly trying to progress at all!


Don’t over think it. Don’t second guess it. You’re not desperate to be with someone. You’re working towards being with the right 1. So, as a Christian single, your focus should be on pleasing God. You please God in every area of your life, and that includes dating. It should bring glory to God!


If it’s not bringing glory to God, you need to take a step back and reevaluate some things. You have the DNA of God and that makes you royalty! Therefore, you should date royalty! So, since you’re royalty, please stop being tempted to make selections that don’t reflect your status.


At this point, most of you are simply in a fight against the enemy who is trying to prevent you from being with who God chose! This same enemy wants you to look at someone else’s situation to cause you to get mad with God as to why you aren’t with the 1 yet. Don’t fall for that trap.


Satan can give relationships too. He can send counterfeits, and he loves to do it. Not only that but even when it is God ordained, you already know that Satan will do everything he can to prevent the relationship from happening. So, you are in a fight. However, it’s a winnable fight b/c Christ already won it for you.


You are set apart. You don’t look like the world. You don’t like what the world likes, and you don’t take the world’s wisdom. God said man should not be alone! So, if God placed the desire in your heart to be married, He will bring it to pass. You just need to stay in faith and fight against those demons that have been sent out to fight against you!


In the meantime, remember that you are different! You are set apart! You are unique! You are beautiful! You are sexy! You are so much more than you can even see because you came out of God! God doesn’t make junk, and He doesn’t expect you to accept junk in your life!


You’re qualified for marriage! You’re more than qualified! So, stop looking at those who are still in the world and start looking at God! Don’t allow frustrations cause you to settle! Turn those frustrations upside down and throw it at the enemy! I declare that your marital destiny shall no longer be delayed! I declare supernatural strength shall rise up in you, and you shall fight for what God said is yours!


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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