You Don’t Need To Wait To Get Married

April 20, 2017 at 9:00 am


You must understand that for most of you, you don’t need to wait to get married, but you need to fight to get married. I say it often that 1 of 2 things are going on. Either God hasn’t released your mate yet and it’s a matter of waiting, or God has released your mate and Satan is holding it up in spiritual warfare.


The Lord made it clear to me many years ago that He has released more that we have prayed about than what he has not released that we must wait for. With that being said, if God has already released the 1 He has for you and the enemy is blocking them from getting to you, you’re in a fight. You are no longer waiting to get married, but you are now fighting to get married.


You have gone from the place of waiting to fighting. Now when I say fighting, it means engaging the enemy in spiritual warfare who is engaging you. Every fight has a different strategy. It doesn’t mean you are constantly at war. Spiritual warfare is all about strategy as much as it is about fighting. Sometimes the strategy is to ignore what the enemy is doing b/c they are trying to distract you or get you to bite the bait. Satan hates to be ignored.  For example, the enemy will try to send you knockoffs and people you know are not the 1. However, the goal of Satan and his cohorts is to get you to bite that bait and entertain what they sent.


However, you will still have to fight for what the enemy has snatched away. It’s just a matter of how to go about it in the war that you’re in. So, I know there is a lot of talk about waiting for the 1 and being content as a single. I know there is much talk about what to do while you wait for the 1. However, if they’ve been snatched, you aren’t waiting, but you’re warring.


It’s just another trick of the enemy to have you thinking that you’re waiting on God when God has already sent what you think you’re waiting for. So, time is going by while you wait for something you’re already supposed to have! You have to fight for marriage. The enemy attacks some individuals harder in certain areas than they do in others. Perhaps the enemy is fighting you very hard in the area of relationships. It’s obvious that your threat level will increase when you’re married to the 1 God has for you.


Satan’s 3 favorite areas to attack are health, wealth and relationships. He doesn’t want you to be in covenant with your God ordained mate. He is fighting you in that area and it’s about time you take the fight back to Satan. Satan can only block, hinder or delay something God has released to us, but he cannot stop it.


His strategy is to make you so frustrated, disappointed and upset until you curse the very thing God blessed by saying you don’t want it anymore or don’t care. He will also try to get you to get out of position by stepping out of faith. He wants to weaken your faith in that area to prolong the delay in hopes that you will get so far out of position that it never happens.


That’s a part of his strategy, but now that your eyes are opened, you must battle. You might be tired from waiting b/c you actually thought you were waiting. Your flesh may be tired, but your spirit is not. You have to fight and know how to fight. The body of Christ has done too much waiting when we were supposed to be fighting!


Of course it all begins and end with having a prayer life. That’s where you will get strengthened. That’s where you will get strategy. As you read this, Holy Spirit will deal with you accordingly. You’ve been praying for an answer or a sign and this is it. This is bringing some clarity to your situation.


The wait is over! It’s time to fight for marriage. You pray and you war until you see the results. I decree and declare that your God ordained spouse shall be released from the hands of the enemy. I send angelic reinforcement to execute it on earth as it is in heaven! Dry up your tears and be encouraged in the Lord. He will train your hands to war. You’ve been going around this same mountain long enough! Some things can’t happen until you pray it down on earth!


In the meantime, keep the faith. Fight the good fight of faith! God is waiting on you to come to Him for strategy. I am all in and want to help you in every way that I can. Through the power of God, I can help teach you how to war and get strategy on your way to the 1 and in any future battles you may face. The enemy will be exposed in your life!


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As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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