Why Is Everyone Getting Married Except Me?

June 16, 2016 at 9:00 am


As you scroll through your social media feeds, it’s very common to see engagement photos, proposals and wedding pictures. It seems like so many people are getting married. Your friends, cousins, siblings and classmates all seem to be getting married. Naturally, you’re happy for them b/c you are in love with love. However, why does it seem like so many are meeting that special 1 and you haven’t yet?


Why is it that so many people are getting into relationships and you’re struggling just to link up with 1 decent candidate? Well, you must first be careful not to always go by what you see. After we eliminate those who compromised and settled just to get married then those numbers get a bit smaller. Yes, every marriage takes work, but it’s a whole different situation when a person married who God said no to. However, that’s a different topic for another day.


Let me start off by saying that there is nothing wrong with you. I counsel individuals all the time who are great candidates. They are quality. They have a lot working in their favor. Most who got the privilege of meeting them would say they are the type of individual they would want to be with. So, it’s not that there’s a problem with you.


There’s a problem with what’s working against you. You have a demon problem. The enemy doesn’t want you to get married, and if you get married, Satan doesn’t want you to stay married.  It’s not that some others got their breakthrough and you didn’t. You may be doing well in 1 area and the enemy is attacking you harder in another area. There are some who were attacked greatly in the area of relationships and finally got a breakthrough.


You will get your breakthrough. There are so many factors that could go into play. I say it time and time again that God has already released most of your mates, but they are being held up in spiritual warfare. That means you must stay consistent and persistent in prayer and spiritual warfare. Satan hates Godly covenant, so you must learn to pray and war to get your God ordained mate and pray and war to keep your God ordained mate! Yes, you’re in a war.


Yes, you have been given weapons to handle the war. You just have to know how to use your weapons. Much talk from relationship coaches are about waiting on God and preparing for the 1 while you wait. That is just fine, but oftentimes, it’s not about waiting on God. It’s more about fighting the enemy so you can take back what God has already sent to you. In other words, God is waiting on you.


There are legalities in the spirit realm and Satan has mastered the laws of God. So, he knows how to use the laws against us. That’s why we must understand God’s laws so Satan won’t be able to twist it. He understands when he has a legal right to steal from you. It could be from something your ancestors did that gave him legal right. So, those legal rights must be broken so you can get what rightfully belongs to you.


Why is the enemy fighting you so hard in your love life? Why does the enemy care so much about what you have going on? It’s because you’re a threat to Satan’s kingdom. You just don’t realize how big of a threat you are. You still haven’t been woken up to all of the power God has placed in you.


Your love life is a target for demons! So, if they target you, you have full rights to target them! You’re in a fight, but you need to fully recognize that it’s a fight. Satan has likely legally stolen and held hostage your future spouse! You’re not a victim, but you are a warrior for Christ! You must fight back.


You’re not in competition with anyone for love! You’re in a war with the devil to get with your love! So, you have to keep praying and warring and warring and praying until you see your desired results. Tears don’t move demons, but your prayer and warfare working together does! So after the tears, make sure you put on your war clothes and fight b/c God gave you the weapons to fight. All of heaven is on your side.


In the meantime, Don’t be sad b/c you’re a bridesmaid and not the bride! Trade in your heels for your combat boots to fight the demons holding up your mate! I declare it won’t be for much longer b/c you will be trained for war. Be on the lookout for next week’s blog post b/c I will release to you exactly what God has given my wife and I to help train you all to be effective in this war and get to your God ordained mate!


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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