I Choose Love and It’s Right on Time

February 8, 2018 at 9:00 am

It is a fact that love is a choice. If you have a desire to get married, God has placed that desire in you! So, you have to make the choice if you will continue to pray and fight for the manifestation of your God ordained spouse or not. There is sometimes a disconnect when some say they want to get married and actually believing they will.


Some of you have been led to believe that you are running out of time. The 1st mistake in that thinking is to even think that time is working against you. The 2nd mistake in that is in thinking that you’re governed by earthly time. The time you should be really interested in is spiritual time or what I call supernatural time. If you are caught up in how things look in the natural, the enemy can easily deceive you in believing that’s how things really are. There is a reason that God told us to walk by faith, not by sight. You were never supposed to be governed simply by what you see in the natural. It’s time to change your lens to see in the supernatural!


The enemy is trying to mess with your mind in an attempt to get you to step out of faith so that they can buy more time in delaying what God has already released. When you walk in the spirit by walking in supernatural time, you’re now looking at God’s time and not earthly time. Things in supernatural time go so much faster than natural time. We were created to walk in the spirit because we are spirit beings who just happen to have flesh. The job of the flesh is only to be a vehicle to drive your spirit around on earth.


So, when you walk in supernatural time, natural time must bow down. Natural time then becomes only a measuring tool to pinpoint the history of all of your victories on earth through Jesus Christ! The enemy doesn’t want you married to your God ordained spouse. Contrary to popular belief, Satan and his workers don’t care if you get married, they just don’t want you to get married to who God ordained. If they can get you into wrong relationships, they would enjoy it because they know how much access they will get.


Time is in fact on your side, and you must choose love. Once your mind is made up then you will not be moved by what you see in the natural, but you will stand on what God said. The disconnect comes in when you are moved by feelings and emotions on what hasn’t manifested in the natural rather than walking in the supernatural where your spouse has already been manifested. The key is staying in faith! Yes, you might have some moments when you might feel a certain way, but don’t live in those moments.


If God has already released your God ordained spouse in the spirit, natural time will have to produce it. It doesn’t matter how much time the enemy tries to cause delay, as you pray and war, you will see the physical manifestation. What you grab a hold of in the spirit will have to be released in the natural no matter how much the enemy tries to outlast you. You will outlast the enemy as you fight the good fight of faith.


You may have felt like it’s been years and years and still no manifestation of your God ordained spouse, but in supernatural time, it very well may have only been 1 day. So, stop being moved by natural time. God never intended for you to be governed by that time, but He intended for you to rule over it. Natural time works for you in your favor. It doesn’t matter how much the enemy tries to delay natural time because as you snatch it in supernatural time, natural time will have to produce it for you!


Choose love no matter how long it seems. It only seems long because you’re going by flesh. Remember that you’re more spirit than you are flesh! You’re spirit and your flesh works for you, not the other way around.


In the meantime, stay in faith. Choose love because love has already chosen you, and it’s right on time!


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now!

Your Relationship Advisor,

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