I Will Fight For My Future Mate

March 3, 2016 at 9:00 am



It amazes me how so much time is spent on thinking and wondering or worrying about if the 1 will come or why they haven’t come. Don’t stop praying and warring for your future mate until they manifest in your life! I must keep reiterating this point b/c it is critical that you understand this. One of the biggest lies the enemy told you is that you don’t need to continue to pray about it b/c you’ve already prayed enough. There is no such thing as praying too much about something! You pray until you see the victory!


Yes, you submit it to the Lord, but you don’t stop fighting until you see the results. Prayer must be the key. The enemy doesn’t want you to get to the 1, so they’re fighting you. So, when you decide to stop fighting back, it gives them an opportunity to continue to rob you on your watch. You must get this concept in your mind that you don’t stop praying and warring until you get answers.


You pray to God to get instruction, strategy, strength, blessings, etc. You war against the enemy who is trying to block the strategy, steal your strength, blessings, mate, etc. Both must go hand in hand. Think about some of your past heartaches, disappointments, etc., when it came to dating and relationships. The enemy used every opportunity to try to discourage you, cause you to feel lonely, be depressed, etc. They tried to sow doubt, fear, etc.


One job of demons is to stop you from getting to your God ordained mate! The good news is you have power to make sure that doesn’t happen! You are a soldier in the army of God. God gave you weapons to take back from demons what rightfully belongs to you! Your God ordained mate rightfully belongs to you!


The enemy fights different people harder in certain areas. One area that has been targeted most by demons is your relationships! They’re terrified of what will happen when you get in Godly covenant! They are threatened by your union with the 1. You are not in the war alone. You have angels you can put to work. You have others praying with and for you.


You must be settled on the fact that you will meet the 1 and get married. You must 1st be confident in that. If you still doubt that, you’re giving the enemy more room to operate. God didn’t put the desire in your heart to marry for you not to get married! You must pray and fight against the enemy until it happens!


You should be upset in knowing that the enemy has robbed you of so much. It’s not on God, but it’s on us to war for what God said is ours. If God has released blessings, and we don’t see it yet, we must fight. Take your anger and frustrations out on the enemy! It’s our job to rule on earth. God gave us jurisdiction here. He will work in and through us, but it takes us showing up in prayer.


In the meantime, don’t quit. I know you get weary from time to time. I know it sometimes seem like an uphill battle, but victory is promised to you if you keep the faith in Christ! You will make it to the Promised Land. You will get to the 1, and the 1 will get to you. I’m in agreement with you.


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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