If I Were You, I Would Marry Me

April 21, 2016 at 9:00 am

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For starters, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you having a desire to get married and not being shy about it. I’m not saying that you’re running up to singles of the opposite sex screaming that you want to get married. I’m talking about the confidence of knowing that it will happen. I’m talking about talking about it with confidence and being unapologetic about your desire to be married. 


You didn’t put the desire in your heart to get married to begin with. God placed the desire in you to be connected to the 1 He has ordained for you to be with. Yes, some have connected with the wrong 1 because of their desire to be married so badly. Yes, some have connected with the right 1 and the marriage didn’t stay together b/c of the spiritual warfare that was seemingly successful in pulling it apart.


Marriage isn’t the end of the war! The enemy hates Godly covenant! You and your future spouse will fight the enemy together! The good news is that as you both remain on one accord, you will win the battle b/c you’ve certainly already won the war. So, don’t be moved by the delay. For most of you, the delay is b/c of the enemy. You have to fight. Some of you are already supposed to be married by now, but you’re in a fight. Don’t quit!


You must realize that you are already marriage material. You are a great candidate for marriage! Many would want to be with you, but you only need the 1 God has for you! If you were them, you would want to marry yourself. You’re not in nor should you ever be in competition to be loved! If you’re competing for someone’s love, you’re disrespecting yourself!


Knowing your worth must go beyond simply knowing it, but you should show it through your actions when you encounter foolishness. Again, you’re not in competition, so that should take pressure off of you. You don’t have to follow the trends b/c God can get the 1 to you in so many different ways. However, it’s not on God once He’s released them, but it’s on us to defend what’s ours against the enemy.


You’re wanted and desired! You’re the best thing that has happened to the 1 God has for you even if you haven’t met them yet! They are longing for you just as you’re longing for them. Some of you have made the mistake of falling into the enemy’s trap. Demons are trying to convince you that you won’t get to the 1.


Demons are trying to convince you that you’re too old or that there are no quality candidates available. They’re trying to convince you that you may as well get adjusted to living without your God ordained mate. Well, the devil is a liar, so we can’t be shocked that demons are selling you a lie.


I know it can get frustrated. I know many of you have said or though that you’re tired of waiting. Well, for many of you, you’re not waiting but you need to be warring. If God has already released your mate and the enemy held them up, you’re not waiting on God! Don’t wait for the 1, but war for the 1!


Don’t get caught up on what is going on around you, but get caught up in what God is saying. He is opening your eyes to the war going on around you. He wants to sharpen your weapons so you can win the fight that you were supposed to win to begin with. You don’t have to see your future mate physically right now to be able to war for them! The war begins and ends in the spirit! Go in the spirit and get what rightfully belongs to you so it will manifest on earth. Don’t let counterfeits make you think the real doesn’t exist! The real thing makes you see why the counterfeits came so cheap!


In the meantime, keep the faith. Keep fighting forward. You are highly desired, and you will see it soon enough. God is teaching you how to fight the right way! You are the real thing and you will get the real thing! You are worth the wait and worth the fight!


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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