I’m Expecting My Best Love Ever

December 31, 2015 at 9:00 am


Love for the boss

Here we are 1 day away from another new calendar year. Perhaps you have waited to connect with your best love ever and it didn’t happen. I know that for many of you, the past 364 days have not been the best. You have seen some better days. Granted, all was not bad. However, I know that the warfare was at an all time high in the body of Christ b/c of what we’re coming into.


What you must remember prophetically is that there was a great attack on covenant and an attack on covenant marriages from being formed with your God ordained mate. The enemy heard the word that many God ordained marriages/ministry teams would be formed. So, they did an all out assault to try to stop it. The good news for you is that it will not be stopped.


Sure, some things did get delayed. Some things were held up by the enemy, but it was all a divine setup. God used what the enemy used against you as a time to push you into birthing the greatest spiritual baby you’ve ever given birth to. He used it to push you to walk in the greatest levels of power of the Holy Spirit you’ve ever walked in. It’s all in the process of happening.


So, what does that have to do with you meeting the 1? It has everything to do with it b/c the 1 is connected to the next phase of your destiny. You both have great work to do in the kingdom of God. So, the enemy tried to get you to abort before you got there. They tried to get you to give up on the idea of getting married b/c they knew they couldn’t stop what God said, so they tried to simply stop you.


The enemy tried to block you from getting to the 1, but the good news is that plan is sure to fail as you keep your complete faith in God! You will encounter your best love ever. When you meet the 1, it will be your best love ever b/c God will show you many different ways He loves you through them!


Trust me when I say that everything around you is changing for your good, whether you can see it or not. It is happening in the spirit, and very soon, you will see it manifest in the natural. You may have gotten upset at times, but don’t stop praying for your future God ordained mate b/c every prayer you pray is very important! You will experience your best love yet.


You overcame the attack of the enemy as you continued to fight back. Now, you’re literally transitioning into your best days on earth! It doesn’t matter what happened or didn’t happen. It doesn’t matter who did what or didn’t do what! You will experience your best love yet in the 1 God will send!


I’m not talking cliché’s here, but I’m talking fact. All of your what seemed to be bad years or bad days have all worked out for your good. All your bad relationships or relationships that just didn’t work out have worked together for your good! You will still meet the right 1!


If your attitude has turned sour about getting married, you need to get it in check b/c God will do it and the enemy can’t stop it! Keep the faith. We heard the saying, “gut check.” However, you need to do a faith check. God is always looking for your faith, and He should always find it in His children!


In the meantime, don’t just get excited about a new calendar year, but be excited about a new day. Don’t let the enemy fool you! Each day that goes by, you’re getting closer to the 1 not further away! Continue to anticipate their arrival b/c the 1 is coming and is closer than ever before. I would believe it if I were you b/c the truth is the truth. I’m excited for you. Are you excited yet?


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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