I’m Getting Tired of Fighting For Love

April 7, 2016 at 9:00 am


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Perhaps you haven’t been on a date in a long time. Perhaps, no one has shown interest. Perhaps those who have shown interest have simply wasted your time. You may be to that place where you’re just sick and tired of being tired. You’re mentally and emotionally exhausted from this rollercoaster ride on the journey towards love.


Let me begin by saying that it’s not your fault, and you have every right to be upset. However, don’t be upset at God. Get upset at the enemy who is trying to get you to abort before you get to the 1 God has for you. I know it seems harder for you than it does for some others. That’s because you don’t fully realize what you carry. You don’t fully realize the gifting on your life.


I say it time and time again that the enemy is not fighting you based on where you are, but they’re fighting you based on where you’re going. You’re in a fight. It’s a real fight. The problem is far too many of you have seen it as a physical fight. You’re focusing on people, when you’re fighting demons who are trying to influence people.


So, why are demons fighting so hard against you? Why are you such a high target? It’s because of what you carry. Demons are afraid of what will happen when you get to the 1 God has for you! They can’t stop it, so they try to stop you from getting there! You’re a high target b/c you are a high threat to the enemy.


Sure, it doesn’t make you jump for joy knowing a target is on your back, but you should have joy in knowing that you cannot lose as long as you keep showing up. The body of Christ as a whole has rolled over and been beaten on for too long. We have to get our fight back. We have to get our persistence back, and that is exactly what is happening now.


You will get to the 1 and the 1 will get to you. Stop listening to all of the lies the enemy is selling. You only need to get to 1, and the 1 for you exists. You didn’t mess up and miss out. God will redeem the time if you stay in faith and obedience.


Love is fighting for you, so you need to continue to fight the good fight of faith! True love will overtake you! Yes, you may get tired along the journey. We all get tired from time to time, but ask God to renew your strength. You’re not in this fight alone.


Perhaps you have felt like you had to fight all your life, but we all are in a fight. The difference is in knowing how to fight. You can’t fight with flesh. We are on a battlefield, but we were sent on earth to rule and let our lights shine. So, you will cast darkness out. You were sent to rule and reign on earth, and you will soon rule and reign on earth with the 1 God has for you!


Christ came so that you may live life more abundantly on earth, and no demon can stop it when you keep showing up in faith. No demon can stop it when you know that you’re not leaving the battlefield without victory. It’s a mindset that you will fight to the death, and the only 1 receiving the death penalty will be those demons in your life.


In the meantime, keep the faith. It’s time to get your joy back. It’s time to realize that God has never and will never leave you. It’s just a matter of understanding who He called you to be in the earth. Love is not hard to find b/c it will find you! May God give you a peace that surpasses all understanding. May He strengthen you! The body of Christ needs you to stay strong, and we need you to be with the 1 God has called you to be with b/c you are here on assignment which you will complete!

As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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