I’m Going To Go and Get My Life

June 2, 2016 at 9:00 am

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Some of you are living as in being alive, but you don’t have your life. For some of you, parts of your life are still left behind with someone from your past. A good part of you may have been left in a past relationship, but it’s time to take it back and live! Your life should be held hostage by no one. They may not be physically doing it, but you could be emotionally bound. Your soul could still be tied to someone in your past.


Physically moving on does not mean that you’ve moved on. There could still be wounds in your soul from that relationship that are lingering that you know nothing about. As a matter of fact, if it has not been directly addressed, it’s still there. Not talking about it doesn’t heal the wound in your soul. Ask God to heal your soul. Send the blood of Jesus into your soul.


It’s time for you to live. Some of you have literally placed your life on hold by waiting for your mate. There are things you can accomplish right now as you wait to link up with the 1. Go and get your life back. Some of you have not been the same since the last relationship or love interest.


Some of you have not been the same since your heart was hurt. Sure, you may feel like you’re living life, but doing the things that are necessary is a part of life. You have to do certain things daily b/c of your responsibilities, but it doesn’t mean that you’re living. Some of you are so wounded until the thought of going out with someone does something on the inside of you.


For some of you, you are excited about meeting someone new and it seems like it’s been so long until you’ve been tempted to settle and may not even have recognized it. Simply having someone around is not enough. You must still maintain your standards. If you compromised those standards, it means you’re settling. It’s as simple as that although I understand that it can feel difficult.


If you settle for a piece of a man, all they can give you is a piece! God has a whole man just for you! The same rule applies for men not settling for a piece of a woman. Your life is precious, and you don’t have time to give your precious time dating those who don’t value it!


Do you value your life and time? If so, stop dating below your standards! If you find value in anything, you view it a certain way. You handle it a certain way. People take care of valuable things. You are more valuable than stuff, so you need to conduct yourself in a certain way and look out for your best interest. You may have felt like you lost, but you can’t lose b/c you’ve already won. You just have to defend your victory on earth.


You are valuable, and the right 1 won’t have to be reminded of that b/c they will show it through their actions everyday! So, you must go and get your life back from wherever you left it. How many pieces you left, just go back and get it. You get it in prayer. Some of you haven’t been the same since your last relationship.


God is not going to end on a negative in your life. God can’t end on a negative. So, it’s not if you will get married, but it’s a matter of when. You are on pace. You’re in a war, but I know you will win. It’s time to live again. It’s time to dream again.


In the meantime, live on purpose and with purpose. You’re going to get married! I know it seems like you’ve been fighting for so long. I know you’re tired. I know you’ve been frustrated. However, please don’t abort. Don’t try to do it your way. Why is the enemy fighting you so hard in this area? It’s because they know your threat level will increase even more when you get to the 1. So, they are fighting. So, you keep fighting back. You will get there.


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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