I’m Ready For Love and I Will Have It

April 28, 2016 at 9:00 am

Ready for Love

You may or may not feel like you’re ready for what all comes with a relationship, but you’re definitely ready for love. God’s love in your heart will lead the way. I didn’t say your emotions will lead the way. That can get you in trouble. I said God’s love in your heart will lead the way.


So, we have established that you’re ready for love. It is a fact that love will find you regardless of what anyone else has said to you. Love will connect with you b/c God is love. Don’t get in that mindset of thinking that you just might remain single. Don’t even entertain that thought. Cast it down in Jesus name.


If God placed the desire in you, it will come to pass. Sure, it will take some fighting in the spirit, but most good things are fought for. Christ fought for us by dying on the cross b/c we were worth it. You are worth it! Regardless of how you feel or what you think, there is the right 1 who has been praying for you to come into their life!


You are ready for love and love is ready for you! Love will literally sweep you off your feet! Falling in love is not a goal, but it’s a part of your future. It’s not something you’re trying to get to b/c it already exists. It’s just a matter of linking up with the right 1. That’s where the challenges and the fight comes into play.


The frustration that you may get from time to time has nothing to do with love. The frustrations have come from past experiences or little experience that has made it seem like you might not meet the right 1. You can’t allow past relationships tell you about your future b/c the past does not have a seat at the table in your future!


The facts are simply the facts. Do you have a longing for the one? Sure. There is nothing wrong with that. Do you have moments when you really, really wish they were physically present? Sure. That is just fine.


You do have emotions. You do have desires. You do have plans for the future. The key is that you don’t allow those emotions and desires drive you to a place where you settle and compromise for the sake of having someone around.


Again, love has not been nor will it ever be the issue. Love is perfect in itself. Love will be made perfect in you and in the 1 as you continue to grow together! The 1 will certainly manifest. So, you need to just agree with it. I’m in agreement with you that the 1 will manifest.


How you felt after all of your ups and downs and disappointments will pale in comparison to the joy that will come when you meet the 1! I want to encourage you today to keep moving forward. Don’t get into that funk. Don’t get down on yourself. Get up and live life boldly.


In the meantime, love is on a mission in the 1 to connect with you. It’s been a fight, but the good thing is that you both know how to fight. I declare that angels will come to minister to you and strengthen you. I declare your eyes of understanding be opened and you will gain more clarity. I know you are ready for love, and the good news is that you will have it!


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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