I’ve Moved On But Parts Of Me Was Left Behind

July 14, 2016 at 2:25 pm

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Breakups don’t ever feel good. Parting ways with someone you care about is not a good feeling. However, it is necessary on your journey towards the one. You must understand that just because you moved on doesn’t mean that all of you have moved on. The enemy knows how it works, so that’s why they try to secretly keep you in bondage in certain areas of your life without you knowing.


You can move on physically, but your soul can still be wounded from what happened in that relationship or from what didn’t happen. Anger, rejection, guilt, condemnation, unforgiveness, etc. can all wound your soul. So, just because you moved on doesn’t mean there still aren’t parts of you still tied to that person. You could still have a soul tie.


Soul ties don’t form just from physical contact. Soul ties can be emotional and psychological as well. Imagine your soul as several copies of yourself. Just like if you have a document that you make many copies of, imagine your soul that way. Another example is to think of the layers of an onion. Your soul has many layers.


Deposits can be made in your soul whether good or bad. In between those layers of your soul are spaces where deposits can be made. Those deposits are made into your soul and it stays there until something is done with it. So, if there are deposits in your soul that are not of God, it must be removed if you want it to be removed. I know you want it to be removed.


You can pray to God to remove the wrong deposits made into your soul. You can command the parts of your soul that is with someone else to come back in Jesus name. Your soul has many layers, and parts of your soul may be attached to someone in your past! Command that part of your soul to come back!


There are healthy soul ties and unhealthy soul ties. You can have good soul ties with family and friends and the person you’re in a relationship with. However, there can also be unhealthy soul ties in any of those areas too. Unhealthy soul ties can form a wall to prevent certain things from happening in your life.


Perhaps you feel like you hit a ceiling and feel like you can only trust so much or love so much and you can’t figure out why. It’s likely because of what was deposited in your soul and or that there are layers of your soul still with someone else. The enemy uses that to legally form a wall in your life. They use it to legally steal from you and hinder you.


So, while you’re saying that you’ve moved past a person or situation, make sure you address the wound that it caused. Make sure you command that unhealthy soul tie to be broken and that if any layers of your soul is still with them that it must return. The wound in your soul can keep the pain going. Suppressing or simply ignoring something doesn’t mean you’ve moved past it.


It’s beneficial to make sure your soul is whole before you get in another relationship b/c it can cause unnecessary problems. For some of you, you still actively have an unhealthy soul tie with someone from your past. You’re still connected to them in some way. For some of you, you just can’t seem to let it go b/c of how much your souls are connected. I sever every unhealthy soul tie that you may be connected to with the sword of the Lord in Jesus name!


So, when you move on, I want to make sure that all of you is moving on. You’re moving forward. I know it seems hard for those of you actively going through it. However, you will be pleased with the end results. Those of you who have moved on but haven’t addressed the wounds that are in your soul, it’s time to do some soul cleansing in the spirit. Your soul is a part of your will, so you can choose to release yourself from unhealthy soul ties.


Start commanding every ungodly deposit made into your soul to depart now in Jesus name. Start naming every unhealthy deposit you can think of that you believe has been deposited in your soul. After that, now start putting good things into your soul. Receive deposits of love, peace, joy, etc. into your soul. Your soul is very sensitive, so it will soak it all in.


As you start ridding yourself of the negative in Jesus name and start refilling your soul with the positive, you will begin to see and feel a difference. You may need to do it several times until you recognize the change. Ask the Holy Spirit to shine a light on any areas you have overlooked. Remember that the Holy Spirit is your helper and teacher.


In the meantime, keep declaring God’s Word over your life. Speak life over yourself. I declare that wounds in your soul are being healed and walls that were formed to block you from getting to the 1 be broken in Jesus name! Moving on doesn’t feel easy, but when you start dealing with your soul, it will help you get through the process sooner so you that all of you can move on being healed and whole rather than parts of you.


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As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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