Love Is Looking For You

June 8, 2017 at 9:00 am


So many individuals spend so much time looking for love when in all actuality, love is looking for you! You must understand that God wired you to want love and to give love. So, finding love is not the challenge b/c love is looking for you!


You may say that sounds too easy or it’s too good to be true. Perhaps you are thinking that if that was the case, you should be married by now with the 1 God has for you. It is easy b/c God never intended for you to have to work hard to get to the 1 He has for you. The last time I checked, God presented Eve to Adam. Adam wasn’t looking for a wife. He didn’t even know he needed it until God presented Eve to Adam. It was all God led and orchestrated.


God will put the 1 in your path. God knows what you need, and He wants more for you than you want for yourself. That desire for marriage is not something you came up with but God placed that desire in you just as he placed that desire in Adam and Eve. So, the issue is not finding love b/c that part is already taken care of. It’s just a matter of coming in contact with the 1 God chose for you to love and for them to love you His way!


You already know that Satan and his goons are lurking and seeking how many God ordained marriages they can try to prevent from happening and how many they can tear apart. Notice that I said God ordained b/c there are some who said yes without God’s approval. There are some who have dated and married a person that God said no to. You want God to put together and approve your marriage.


Perhaps you are too overly concerned about it all. You’re worried about your ticking biological clock, your age, your preferences, etc. The 1st problem is worrying. Worrying is not going to do you any favors. That’s just another thing the enemy wants you to buy into.


Perhaps you’re tired of waiting and wondering what’s wrong with you! There’s nothing wrong with you, and who said that you’re waiting? What if God has already sent them but the enemy is holding them up? I get it! I know you want what you want when you want it. I know you’ve felt like you’ve waited for a long time.


I know you feel like you’ve done all that you know to do. Perhaps you’re thinking that it shouldn’t be this hard or complicated. Well, it isn’t hard, and it isn’t complicated. You may feel like you have to fight for everything. No, you don’t have to fight for everything.


I know it seems like others are getting things that you want and it seems they are doing far less. Let me remind you that the enemy will fight you harder in some areas than they will fight another. Also, I assure you that some will look at certain areas in your life and wish they had what you have. You’re looking at someone else and wanting that loving relationship they appear to have, and someone else is looking at another area in your life and wanting what you have! Yes, you have experienced manifestation in some areas that others are still praying and warring for manifestation in that area of their lives.


It just so happens that you’re being fought harder in 1 area over another. You have to ask yourself why? It’s because of your threat level for marriage. I can speak from experience. I know the enemy fought me very, very, very hard to get to marriage. I can write a book on that alone with the evidence to back it.


Marriage is not an end goal. Marriage is just another step, but there is still work in marriage. The fight just looks different, but it’s still a fight. It doesn’t mean that your entire life is going to be a fight b/c God gives you rest from war. Also, every battle is not yours to fight.


That is why seeking God for strategy in all things is critical. I know what it’s like to fight battles God didn’t intend for you to fight. I know what it’s like to fight and fight and get worn out. You must seek God for strategy on how to handle every battle. Some battles you fight and other battles God will fight on your behalf. Some battles faith is supposed to fight and other battles angels will fight.


It’s all about seeking God for strategy on how to handle the war we’re in. There’s no getting around the fact that we are in a war, but victory is already won. We just need to have the right strategy to consistently execute that victory on earth. Christ warned us that we would have tribulation, but He also told us to be of good cheer b/c He has already overcome (John 16:33). Christ overcame it for us so that we will be able to overcome whatever we face in the world.


Love is looking for you. It has your address. You just have some  love haters on the path known as fear, doubt, worry, rejection, etc., just to name a few. However, those love haters cannot stop you from getting the love God has sent. All those love haters can do is slow it down, hinder it, etc., in hopes that you will give up. All the enemy can do is buy time in hopes that you will keep cursing yourself with negative words so they can legally delay it longer.


In the meantime, stay in faith. Feed your faith with the Word of God so that your faith can fight for you like it is supposed to. Love has your name on it. Love wants you. Love is what you deserve b/c God is love, and He wants to show you more of His love through the 1 He has for you. Nothing just happens. Everything won’t be automatic, and that’s why you must keep fueling your faith so it can manifest what God already said is yours!


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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