Love Made You A Promise

May 21, 2015 at 9:00 am



I understand that many things happens throughout life. We have had highs and lows. However, in the midst of it, God made you a promise. God is love, so love made you a promise.


There are some people who have made you promises over the years who did not keep their promise. It may have left you devastated. It may have left you having a lack of trust of others. It may have made you feel like love was a joke. Love is not a joke! The actions of some people may be a joke, but love will not play games with your heart!


Perhaps you are disappointed or frustrated because what God promised you has not manifested yet. The enemy wants you to step out of faith, but you must stay in faith. Don’t abandon the promise. If God placed the desire in your heart for the 1, the 1 will manifest in your life. Whatever you do, don’t quit and don’t settle.


Love made you a promise and it is going to keep it! Love promises to find you and take your heart where it’s never been before! Love is not a promise breaker. Don’t be fooled by what you have seen or experienced. Love will not betray you. Love will not abandon you.


The enemy has been trying to get you to settle. The enemy has been trying to get you to live in doubt, misery and hopelessness. Things are turning for you in every area of your life. Receive what God is trying to get to you. I declare that this season shall be the best season of your life to date! If you stay in faith, it will be.


This message is for you. The Holy Spirit will rise on the inside of you. Your spirit will begin to leap b/c your spirit knows something has happened in the spirit realm. Walls that have been erected in your life are being broken. Things that have been stolen are being restored. Love will fulfill its promise to you.


So, you need to wake up to who Christ called you to be. This is not a time to shrink back, but it’s a time to step up. Hear me and hear me well..Whatever promise, dream, goal, etc. that God placed in you that you have pushed aside or pushed out of your mind, it’s time to wake it back up.


This is a great window of opportunity for you, not just in your love life, but in life as a whole. There are things God wants you to be doing now. Not later but now. He will give you the grace to complete it. Love will find you on the journey.


In the meantime, hold to the promise. The promise did not lie. Love did not lie. It will reach you. Go forward with what God has already placed in you. Don’t second guess it. What you need will be provided. Now is the time. Your time is now!

Love made a promise to find you, and you need to make a promise to receive it when it comes!


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As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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