Love Will Make You Do The Right Thing

August 18, 2016 at 9:00 am


right and wrong

We have heard people say that love will make you do the wrong thing. However, contrary to popular belief, that’s not true. Love doesn’t make you do anything to someone or for someone that’s wrong. Love doesn’t have that ability. God doesn’t have that ability, and God is love. Love is powerful. Love won’t make a person do the wrong thing, but love will make them do the right thing.It’s the flesh that rises up and causes people to do things for someone they may very well love. However, love is not the culprit. Love doesn’t make someone abusive, jealous, insecure, etc. Love makes someone who is doing wrong by you want to do right. Love will make that person who wants to be unfaithful not be unfaithful. Yes, people may do things unintentionally that hurts someone they love, but love won’t cause that pain.


Love is so powerful, and love wants to engulf you in the right 1 God has for you! Being desperate or chasing after someone who is constantly doing you wrong is not love, but that’s actually insanity disguised as love. It doesn’t mean that love is not present, but love in those moments is not the most dominant in that person’s life. You must understand that you deserve love, not because you are so great but b/c Christ is great in you!


The enemy has been so crafty in some of your lives to the point he has convinced some of you that you don’t know if you will ever be in love or that you will love again. He has lied to you to have you to start to believe that you don’t know if you can even love like you once thought you could. That wall has been built up, but that wall will come crashing down.


Now that I think about it, you do have a point though. You’re right when you thought you would not love like that ever again b/c you will show love even better when you meet the right 1! You don’t need a do over. God doesn’t have to do repeats in your life b/c He’s even bigger than He was the last time in your life!


Have you been hurt from past relationships? Sure, but it doesn’t stop you from love. It doesn’t prevent you from being loved. You really have to know that you deserve it. Don’t allow bitterness to kick in. Don’t allow anger and frustration get to you. You have to identify those things and pray against it. The enemy can use that to wound your soul, and if your soul is wounded, it can reject what God has for you unknowingly.


Love will make people do the right thing in your life. Some have not loved you the way they said they did b/c love would have made them do the right thing. They did not have the fullness of love on the inside of them towards you if they did the wrong thing. Look at the example. God sent Jesus as the ultimate act of love to die for our sins. Love took a beating, but it still rose. Your love life may have taken a beating, but just as Jesus was resurrected, your love life will be resurrected!


In the meantime, don’t let the last part of your story discourage you. It’s not the end of the story. Is it hard at times? Yes, but God’s love has already carried the heaviest part for you. So, it’s not if you will meet the 1, but it’s in what you will do when you meet the 1! They have no choice but to manifest as you continue to pray and fight! I’m confident in you!


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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