My Heart Won’t Be Stolen Again!

October 23, 2014 at 9:00 am


Stolen Heart

We’ve heard people say that their heart was stolen when they met their true love or that a newborn baby stole their heart. I get the point, and in that context it is seen as a good thing. However, when it comes to dating and relationships, far too much has been stolen. More has been stolen from you than you may be aware of.


However, you can come to the decision that you won’t be stolen from again. You’ve given love and it may have felt like it was taken for granted. You helped others out and it may have seemed like it was taken for granted. It may feel at times that the more you give, the more seems to be taken from you. Nonetheless, you are never in a losing season because God created you to win.


You must make up in your mind that you will not have another thing stolen from you. You gave your heart to someone and it seems like it was literally stolen to the point you were left having to pick up the pieces. You were left trying to mend your heart back together. Of course, that’s something that only God can truly do.


It’s a fact that we have an enemy trying to steal our joy, peace, relationships, etc. The list goes on and on, but you have the ability to do something about it. This is why Godly covenant is so important. You and the 1 God joins together will be such a powerful team, the enemy will wish they chose another couple to mess with! Satan and his demons have underestimated who you really are.


They thought that what you went through in the past would kill you. They thought you would never love again or be loved again. They counted you out because they thought they made you so weak until you had no fight left in you, but what they seemed to forget was that you are sold out for God regardless and God wouldn’t let you go.


The difference is the enemy may have stolen from you, but you don’t have to steal from the enemy. You take back by force what belongs to you. There is a God ordained relationship that belongs to you, and if you keep fighting in the spirit for it, it will come. It will manifest. Don’t get mad at God because God is with you. You must take it out on the enemy that’s trying to keep you from getting to the 1.


You have experienced so much because you are fighting an enemy who is fully aware of the threat that you are. They know that you getting to the 1 God has for you will cause even more trouble to Satan’s Kingdom. Your love is not a toy, and anyone who plays with it is not worthy to be by your side! Love is an absolutely beautiful thing because God is love!


Don’t be afraid to love! Don’t be afraid to be loved! Don’t allow the arms of fear of being hurt keep you from running into the arms of faith that you will be loved the right way! You may have been stolen from in the past, but you must make up in your mind that you will absolutely not back down from the spiritual fight.


Your heart won’t be stolen again by the enemy because your heart is placed in God’s hand. I know some have said some hurtful words that may be deeply rooted in you, but I command those word curses to be broken off your life in Jesus name! I command all seeds sown by the enemy in your life to be uprooted in Jesus name! I declare you are covered and washed in the blood of Jesus.


You are too precious of a gift to the body of Christ to be broken and bruised. You are too valuable to God’s Kingdom to continue to struggle and be pushed around. You are not alone because God will not leave you alone. Your love story is still being told! Just b/c a villain appeared only proves the strength of your character on the way to your happy ending!


You still have fight in you. I know you’re tired of fighting. I know it feels like you had to fight for everything, but as much as you had to fight for won’t compare to how much you will receive! You underestimated who you really are. You had a small snapshot, but God is giving you a clearer view.


Your love life will be amazing. It already is amazing, and all you’re doing is awaiting the manifestation. Some of it you have to fight for, and other parts will just literally overtake you. Either way, you must have a made up mind that your heart will not be stolen again. Give it all to God, and fight for what He said is rightfully yours.


Some of you have used too much energy fighting a flesh battle that can only be won in the spirit. Some of us mess things up by fighting it in the flesh when it could only be won in the spirit. So, take a step back and assess the land.


Whatever is missing in your life, God is either waiting to send it or He has already sent it and the enemy has held it up or flat out stole it from you. If it’s the latter, you must fight and fight and fight every day in prayer until you see the change. Don’t let up! The enemy doesn’t want you in Godly covenant because of what is attached to it.


There are some blessings you can’t get until you’re with the 1 God has for you! The enemy knows that, so you must fight for what’s yours! This doesn’t mean that you’re less blessed if you’re not married. It simply means that there are some things that are attached to covenant. So, don’t get all caught up on who isn’t there anymore, but focus on where God is sending you now.


You are about to go on the ride of your life, and you ought to be excited about it. You’ve been stolen from long enough. Get up and fight for what God said is yours. When the storms pass over, you will certainly still be standing.


In the meantime, keep the faith and keep fighting. However, remember not to fight in your strength, but fight in God’s strength! Your love life will change. It has to change because God is too big to ever fail! If He said it, He is faithful to do it!


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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