Single For 1 Purpose!

February 11, 2010 at 5:56 pm

Single For 1 means that you are single for that 1 person God has ordained for your life.  The worldview may sometimes portray being single as a bad thing or an opportunity for a big party to do whatever you want when you want without any consequences. However, if you are not responsible as a single, you will not automatically become responsible when you are married. If you are selfish when you are single, you will not naturally become selfless when married.  Being Single is a transitional stage into being married, so continue to prepare while you are in transition.

 Everyone has to be  or was single at some point in their life. So, when someone asks why are you single, you can say, “I’m Single For 1 or Single For the 1”. When you understand this, you will realize that it is not necessary for you as a woman to feel the need to have to date so many men to finally get to Mr. Right. Granted, there is nothing inherently wrong with dating, but sometimes women date because it is something to do rather than to date with a purpose. There is joy in knowing that the “1” has to find you as a single woman. However, when he finds you, you must also be able to confirm within yourself that he is the “1”.

Five men can ask you to marry them, but only 1 of them is the “1.” So, it takes that gift on the inside of you to be able to identify and know the difference between a copy and the Original. You may get some copies that seem close to the Original, and too many women settle for just the copy. However, when you meet the original, you will be able to quickly tell that the others were just copies.

Single For 1 is a weekly blog intended to address numerous topics in reference to relationships for single women. This blog is intended to encourage you on your journey. Duke will not only encourage you, but your fellow sisters will as well. This blog is from a male perspective with female feedback. This will be a community where you can share your experiences, concerns, comments and suggestions as a single woman. One of the greatest ministries is the ministry of experience, so feel free to share them with everyone here. Many more weekly posts to come. That’s all for now. Stay Blessed.

Your Singles Advisor,