The Enemy Won’t Keep Me From Getting to The 1

February 25, 2016 at 9:00 am

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I hear people say all the time that the dating pool is limited, and that there aren’t many good candidates available. Some say all the good one’s are taken. The list goes on and on. What you must realize is that when you say those things, you’re creating the atmosphere around you.


When you say those things, you’re giving the enemy a free ride to come in and steal. When you say there are no quality candidates available, you’re telling God that He can’t bring the 1 to you. Keep in mind that you’re single for 1. You’re single for the 1 God has for you. So, if God has 1 for you, they will be all you need and more.


The problem is that as time goes on, some of you are becoming skeptical or fearful that it won’t happen. You only need 1, and the 1 God has for you does exist! Believe it because it’s the truth! You must start from the premise that you only need 1. It doesn’t matter how many knockoffs you ran into or what the dating landscape appears to look like; you only need 1.


I know it seems to be taking forever, but 1 is all you need. You must rest in the confidence that the 1 does exist. Now you don’t need to go and start putting your hands in it and trying to make something happen. That will only make the frustrations mount. It’s already enough to have to fight the enemy who is trying to keep you from the 1, so you don’t want to keep running into traps of the enemy by taking matters into your own hand.


I submit to you that what you need to start doing much more of us warring against the enemy for your mate. I say it often, and I’ll keep saying it until you get it…. There are far more of you who aren’t married yet not b/c God wasn’t ready for you to be, but it’s b/c the enemy has held up your mate. I know from 1st hand experience the level of warfare that went on before marriage and during marriage.


When you’re praying to God, you also need to make sure you war against the enemy who is warring against you. Demons hate Godly covenant, and that’s why they’re fighting you so hard from getting to the 1! Fight back in the spirit b/c the 1 will come!


I want you to understand that you’re in a war. The enemy is waging war against you. If you’re in a fight, you need to know how to fight back. You have to command those demons to release your mate. You must command them to get out of your life.


You must come against them until you see the manifestation b/c they are trying to get to you every day. Send the blood of Jesus against them. Send the fire of God against them. Release the warring angels to war against them. Demons don’t take time off trying to keep you from getting to the 1, so you don’t take time off fighting back until you see results!


Throughout scripture we see reminders that we are in a war. Satan is raging war against us. The good news is you’re victorious. You’re just defending your victory on earth. The 1 for you is on earth and their soul is yearning for you! You are their missing piece!


In the meantime, don’t lose focus! Don’t lose faith. Don’t stop fighting in the spirit for your future mate! Don’t stop praying for them b/c they need it right now! They’ll thank you later! All you need is 1, and you will get to the 1. Be persistent in the spirit until you get it. God’s will shall be done on earth, but His will comes to pass when we do our part! Keep fighting the good fight of faith.


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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