The Greatest Love You’ve Ever Had

November 12, 2015 at 9:00 am


Love on the desktop

Love is so beautiful, but it doesn’t seem as beautiful when you look around and it appears that everyone else is experiencing it except you. It doesn’t take away from the true beauty and power of love! Love will need no introduction in your life b/c it will show up and sweep you off of your feet!


Have you ever been loved by a significant other? Have you ever loved? Have you ever been in love? Truthfully, the answer to those questions whether yes or no is not that important b/c the right one will be the greatest love you have ever had. For starters, it will be just what you need!


What you are longing for is also longing for you. You may have a strong desire to be in love and to be loved by the right one, and the right one has a strong desire to be in love and to be loved by you. God is love, and as you continue to go to new levels of love in Him, it will make you far less tempted to settle for anyone who doesn’t show the type of love that you are used to.


God spoiled you with love in such a way that you will know when someone is giving you counterfeit love! Since you have Christ, you have experienced the greatest love you’ve ever had. Now, it’s only going to get better and better. So, since God showed you what love looks like through Christ, you know what you deserve.


You will be loved beyond your comprehension when God places His love in the right 1 to love you the right way! This is not some fairy tale I’m talking about b/c God doesn’t do fairy tales. Love is real and love is powerful and you will experience it in ways you have not experienced before.


Don’t allow what you see fool you. The greatest love you have ever had is going to overtake you! You absolutely deserve it. So, get out of that pity party mode or beating yourself up for what did or did not happen. You are God’s child, and as a follower of Christ, you now have the righteousness of God upon you. Christ died for you to have it, so yes you are worthy.


You deserve the greatest love and you will get it. Has the journey been easy? No. The enemy will try to fight against you b/c they don’t want you to experience it. Demons will jump in and hold up your mate if they can and will hope you get mad at God instead of mad at them. They are hiding, but today they are exposed in your life. Don’t get mad at God, but fight in the spirit against the demons who are trying to rob you of the love life God ordained.


Fight for what’s yours until you see the results. The enemy wouldn’t be fighting you so hard in the area of relationships if you weren’t such a threat in that area. They know what will happen when you and the 1 come together. There are things God will birth through you individually and things He will birth out of you and your spouse collectively.


In the meantime, keep praying and keep fighting against the enemy who is fighting against you. God is on your side. The 1 will come with more love than you even prayed for! You are a force all by yourself, but you will be a double threat when you merge with the 1 God has ordained for you! That will be a true power team. The greatest love you’ve ever had is coming to your life and it will amaze you!


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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