World’s Most Wanted Singles

November 5, 2015 at 9:00 am



If you’re a single Christian with Christian standards and have a desire in your heart to marry, then that automatically places you on the list of the world’s most wanted singles. Contrary to popular belief, many want to be with someone with quality standards, good character, personality, etc. As crazy as it seems, there are many singles out there of the opposite sex who have been led to believe based on what they have experienced that someone like you may not exist.


This is why some have been tempted to settle and compromise in areas that they know they shouldn’t. You may have even found yourself thinking thoughts that you know are not from God pertaining to your future. There are quality singles out there and the 1st piece of evidence can be found by looking in the mirror! You only need 1 more piece! You must realize that you are wanted.


It doesn’t matter how many potentials you have come in contact with or have not come in contact with, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re wanted. You’re not only wanted by others who haven’t met you yet, but most importantly you’re wanted by the 1 God has for you! You’re simply wanted. I don’t care what the statistics say. I’ve counseled enough men and women to know that someone like you is wanted.


Can it be frustrating at times? Yes, I understand that it can get frustrating b/c it feels like you’re waiting and waiting and waiting. You were excited and after so much time the excitement was not as high as it once was. You may feel like time is running out, but the clock is not working against you.


If you would want yourself then you should know that others want you. It brings me great joy when I see someone who once moaned and groaned that there were no good candidates where they lived and are now either married or engaged. It doesn’t matter where you are, the right 1 will get to you.


This is why you cannot go by what you see. There is a reason why scripture says to walk by faith and not by sight. The enemy will do everything to try to work against you and try to get you to respond to what you see instead of what God said. If you don’t see the manifestation of the 1 God has for you then continue to pray and war against the enemy until you’re satisfied with the results.


I’ve said it on more than one occasion, God has released many mates, but they’re held up by the enemy in spiritual warfare. Fight for what’s yours until you see the manifestation! The battle may make you weary at times, but that’s why praying and fasting is so important b/c it gets your flesh out of the way. It’s ok to get mad, but don’t get mad at God b/c it’s not Him. Get mad at the enemy and take it out on them.


In the meantime, remember that you’re wanted and you’re wanted very badly by the right 1. You don’t have to see it in the natural to know it. Know it in the spirit. If you could see more of what’s happening in the spirit, your entire outlook will change. Just think about it, you may not see your mate in the natural, but the enemy may have seen them released in the spirit and may have gained access to block it.


The enemy saw it but you didn’t see it b/c you’re only looking at what you see in the physical. Get in the spirit and more will be revealed to you. You are spirit who just happens to have a physical body to get you around. God wants to reveal more to you through the Holy Spirit. You’re wanted, and the last thing you want to do is to settle for less than what God has! Greater is coming!


You are 1 of the world’s most wanted singles b/c you mean more than the world to the 1 God has for you!

As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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