You Are A Love Magnet!

October 1, 2015 at 9:00 am


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Today, I’m reposting a blog from the blog archives. It has often been said that love is a universal language. On the surface that is true, but what everyone calls love is not really love. That’s another story for another day. What is certain is that if you love God and yourself, you have no other option but to be a love magnet.


You look all around and you see people in love. You see wedding after wedding. Smiles on top of smiles. You see tears of joy coming down someone’s face because they have finally met the 1. It’s always a great time to be in love.


Love has no time limit on it. Love is supposed to be forever. However, time and circumstances can also change a person’s love towards another. Sometimes your life may seem like a revolving door. People come in and out. Friends come and friends go.


There may be that 1 or couple of people you know beyond a shadow of a doubt will be in your corner because it has been proven time and time again. That’s love, although it may not be the manifestation of the level of intimate love you will have with the 1 for you.


You have helped people along life’s journey, and others have helped you in some way. Sometimes all it takes is a simple encouraging word that you needed. Sometimes you focus on all of what hasn’t happened yet, but miss out on all the love that is already around you.


What I’m trying to get you to see is that you are a love magnet. Having a true love for God and yourself makes you a love magnet. For some of you, it seems like complete strangers don’t mind telling you their entire life story because you have that type of inviting spirit.


For some of you, people are very careful on how they approach you or what they say to or around you because they respect you in a major way. For some of you, your family seems to depend on you for a lot and look to you for answers. Whatever it is, there is something about you that draws people to you! There’s something about you that makes people want to know you!


You are a celebrity, and you didn’t even know it! Celebrities attract attention, both wanted and unwanted. At some point and beyond, you will attract attention you want and don’t want. I’m sure you can relate in some way or another to that.


There is something about you that cannot be duplicated if someone tried. God has used you in some way on more than one occasion. There is a list of qualities that we could go down the checklist that makes you so special and different. So many try to make different seem bad, when it’s actually good. It makes you unique.


Why try to be like everyone else when you’re who you are? Don’t put all your emphasis on what you think is negative or needs improvement in your life, or what someone else thinks needs improvement. You still have so much that you alone bring to the table. So, out of everything I’ve mentioned, that makes you a love magnet.


You are already attracting people for different things, so what makes you think that you won’t also attract the 1? Don’t waste time and energy trying to figure it out. There is nothing to figure out at this point. Yes, you are always learning more about yourself. Yes, we should always be growing.


However, meeting the 1 is not about individual perfection, it’s about God’s perfect timing! The past is the past. I hope you learned from it. I hope you heal from it. We are allotted so much time on this earth, so don’t spend so much of it stuck in the past.


Don’t spend so much time wishing you could go back and change this or that because you can’t. However, you can move forward in a big way. If you have dealt with any type of heartbreak, you have seen that it will eventually go away if you truly desire it to.


You must let pain know that it’s not welcomed into your life because you need to clear out more space for love. Your life is never empty. It is always filled with something. Whatever you are giving the most attention to has most of the space.


Perhaps you need to do some cleaning in your life and begin the process towards removing unnecessary baggage and stress. You may not choose all of your circumstances, but you can always choose how much space it takes up in your life.


Of course it’s easier said than done. However, making excuses for remaining in a certain position won’t cut it. You are a love magnet, and you are loved! You need to get it in your mind. It doesn’t matter how many or how little relationships you have been in; you are still a love magnet because you’re always attracting someone in some area in your life.


Someone wants your time and your attention. It can be your kids, friends, coworkers. Someone always wants some of your time and attention. Everyone wants to be heard, and I’m sure someone has come to you for you to listen to it. The more you open your eyes to see, the more you will see that you’re always wanted and or needed by someone.


So, if that is the case, is it any different when it comes to meeting the 1 for you? Absolutely not!! It’s all about timing my friend! It’s all about timing! You have been waiting and waiting, but what is going on in your life right now? What is important to you right now?


Yes, you want to get married! Yes, you want to give the 1 so much love, and you want them to give you so much love back! We already know that. It’s been established. It’s coming. It’s all in timing. It’s still not sinking in for some of you because various factors have tried to cloud your mind.


So, say it with me. Yes, I want you to say it right now: “I am a love magnet, and the 1 for me is on the way!” See, some of you are hard headed, lol… You said it in your mind, but didn’t verbalize it. Let’s try it again, and you can say it in a soft whisper if someone is around you.


This is a collective effort, and we need your 100% participation. Your words hold power. Ok, here goes. Say it….“I am a love magnet, and the 1 for me is on the way!” So, right now, at this moment, what is going on in your life? What are you working towards?


What are your plans? What are your goals?


What is required of you right now with what is in front of you right now?


You shouldn’t just pull over on the side of the road and watch all the cars pass you by because the 1 hasn’t come just yet.


You are still on a journey towards something right now. There are many pieces to every puzzle. You must keep going because there are others along the journey who needs to experience the person that you are. They need to see your smile. They will need your encouraging word. They will need your help.


So much can go on at one time and you don’t even know it. You must understand that you are a great asset to the world! Yes, I said the world. There are people who you were assigned to bless. You were assigned to help, and eventually the 1 will come right in place on the journey.


Stop looking at everything and everyone else. You’re not missing out on anything! Things are missing out on you when you don’t show up! I’m looking forward to your wedding date when it comes, but you also have a lot of other dates along the way.


Every day you wake up, you have a date with someone or something that God has assigned for you that day! You don’t want to be late! God is known for using 1 thing to accomplish multiple things. That task God gave you that you may not feel like doing may very well be connected to setting you up to meet the 1 for you. You never know.


So, keep on showing up. Stop keeping all that love to yourself. You will spoil the 1 real soon, but keep spreading your love. You would have touched many lives along the way as you finally get to touch the life of the 1! You have no idea how much they have prayed for you! You have no idea how much they think about you.


Yes, you may not have met yet, but they have an idea of the type of person you will be. Don’t listen to the noise and the doubters. Don’t listen to the pessimistic people saying, “Well if you’re that good, why are you single?” You’re single because the 1 hasn’t come yet. You’re single because you’re only waiting for the 1.


You’re single because any just won’t do! You’re single because you maintain your standards. You’re single because it’s all about timing. Celebrate with those who have come into their time, and pray for those who out of frustration jumped ahead of time!


Your time is on the way, and you will see why it took all of that. In the meantime, continue to share your love by being the best you and very soon, the 1 will show up and put in a special order for a full serving of your best love!


Trust me, you will have plenty! You are a love magnet and there’s nothing anyone can do about it! You’re a love magnet and the 1 for you is on the way!  Keep attracting and keep loving!


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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