You Would Fall In Love With Me

January 7, 2016 at 9:00 am


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Love is not hard to find! It is very easy for someone to fall in love with you! Some of you have gotten frustrated b/c you haven’t met the 1 yet! Not only have you not met the 1, but you haven’t met any good potentials. The good news is that it doesn’t matter. You will meet the right 1, and it will be easy for the right 1 to fall in love with you b/c they’ve waited for you all their life!


Don’t get frustrated or beat yourself up b/c it’s inevitable that you will get to the 1 as you stay in faith and fight the enemy that’s trying to rob you of your God ordained relationship. There is nothing wrong with you! Don’t believe the lie the enemy has tried to sell you. You’re not single b/c something’s wrong or b/c you can’t be with someone! You’re single for the 1 God has and settling isn’t an option!


You must understand that you are high quality and the rarest jewels are rare for a reason. You can’t find it just anywhere! Trust me when I say you don’t have a love problem, although you may have been led to believe that. It’s not hard to love the 1 when they are 1st in love with God b/c they will know how to love you the right way when they follow His way! You must know that you’re great!


Stop going around and looking at what you think someone else has. You know that everything is not always as it looks. It doesn’t matter anyway b/c you aren’t in anyone else’s relationship, but you’re walking towards being with the 1 God has for you. When you meet the 1, it won’t mean it will all be perfect! As Christ is the center, God’s love will be perfected in you towards each other!


It will be easy to fall in love with you b/c you should be easy to love. You are easy to love when God’s love dwells in you. So, you have nothing to worry about. You’re not running out of time to get with the 1, but time is running to you! You will meet the 1 at the perfect time!


Don’t be held back by what people from your past have said. Some of you are still not over an ex, and that has kept a wall up. You can’t fully move forward to the right 1 if you’re still in love with the wrong 1! When I say the wrong 1, I’m not saying that something was wrong with them, although in some cases they were just flat out wrong. In other cases, they were good people but just not good for you.


I know some of you are to the place where you try not to even think about a relationship b/c it brings up frustration b/c it hasn’t happened yet. Whatever you do, don’t get mad with God. Don’t get mad at God! Quite often, it’s not God delaying sending the 1 to you, but it’s the enemy blocking what God has already released to you!


In the meantime, continue to be the great you that you are. Don’t go so hard until you neglect time for yourself. The 1 won’t be recognized in your busyness, but they will be found as you enter into the rest of God!


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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