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June 11, 2015 at 9:00 am


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You may still wonder when things will change with your love life. You may still be wondering when you will meet the 1 God has. Your love life is important for many reasons. It is something that you should care about a great deal.


While you should care about your love life, what you should not do is worry about your love life. When you begin to worry, it can cause panic and panic can cause you to rush into something instead of waiting for God to work it all out. If you desire to get married, it’s perfectly normal and expected that you will periodically think about when you will meet the 1. Some days you are patient, and there may be some days where you aren’t so patient.


Your love life matters because God  gave you one, and it matters to God! You have been on this journey moving forward, and you must realize that it is not over. There are an entire set of assignments awaiting you when you meet the 1. So, there should be no doubt that you will get to them and them to you.


A love life is simply a life full of love! You have a love life b/c God is in it and He will send the right 1! You don’t have time to give your time to fear and sadness. God already made you a promise and He will keep it. Your love life matters. Whether you’re single or married, God’s love still must be present.


You are more than half way there if you know how much God already loves you and you love God. If you don’t know that yet, then that’s an area of growth.  Once you get it, the only missing piece is the right 1 who also loves God! Your love life already exists whether you’re in a relationship or not. You are an expression of God’s love, and when you get with the 1, your covenant will be an expression of God’s love!


You can look at every couple you see, but their relationship won’t compare to your relationship with the 1 God has for you b/c each relationship is different. You should look forward to experiencing what you will experience with the right 1 b/c it will be an experience you have never encountered. No matter if there are some similarities from what you’ve experienced, as it grows, it will take you places you’ve never been.


Your love life should be important to you because it’s a part of your life. You should invest in your life, and when the 1 comes, you both will add onto the investment. Don’t use your time as a single and take it for granted. Make the most out of being single. You may feel that you’ve been single long enough, and you may be just right. If so, then you should expect that the 1 is around the corner.


You don’t have to be like anyone else in a relationship except you! The best quality you bring to the table is the best you! You have love and you have a life, so your love life will only get better. It may not seem better right now, but you can’t always go by what you see.  What you see can change overnight.


It can literally change overnight, and you can ask God for an overnight miracle! Everyone who is now married was single before they got married. However, just like them, your situation can change overnight. You can go from having no candidates today to meeting the right 1 tomorrow. It’s all a matter of a day.


In the meantime, keep living and loving life! Your love life will change for the better. It has to get better b/c true love grows, and true love is already in your heart.  Get ready for an upgrade in your love life! After some of your past experiences in dating, you should get to the place where you will only accept upgrades to your love life!


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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