You’re Not Waiting On God To Get Married

July 6, 2017 at 1:11 pm

I am shouting from every mountaintop and rooftop for everyone to hear that “You’re not waiting on God to get married.” Well, for most of you that is the case. The Lord keeps reiterating this over and over and over again. Yes, for some of you, it’s not time yet. However, for most of you it is time! It’s actually overdue for many of you. Thank God that He can and will redeem the time.


However, you must understand that you’re not waiting on God if God has already released the 1! It’s just a matter of manifesting what God has already released. Once it leaves God’s hands, it’s in your hands. The challenge that you run into is that there is an enemy whose job is to steal from you. There is an enemy whose job is to prevent you from getting married.


I know what you may be thinking. You may be thinking that it shouldn’t be this hard or everyone didn’t have to fight to get married. You are correct, but the 1st mistake you made is looking at everyone else. Your fight is not their fight. Their fight is not your fight. Nor do you have to fight all the time.


However, you’re in a fight for your marital destiny. In ministering deliverance, we’ve casted out thousands of demons through the power of the Holy Spirit and authority of Jesus Christ. Those demons are forced to tell what they’ve done to the individual’s life. They had locked up marital destinies, finances, career, health, etc. The list goes on and on.


Just because they may not have locked up someone else’s marital destiny doesn’t mean they don’t have yours locked up. They may be focusing on another plan with whoever you’re looking at.  It must be broken! I appreciate all the relationship coaches out there who do a wonderful job of helping you be content in your singleness and learn to wait on God while single. That’s fine and good, but it doesn’t apply to you if you’re not in waiting.

Too many children of God have been led to believe that they’re in waiting to get married when they’re supposed to be in war to get married! You’re in a war over your marital destiny. God doesn’t step in and fight every battle. Many battles, He will fight through you because you’ve been given power and authority to overcome the enemy.


Too much of the body of Christ either believes God will just step in and fight all the battles or that they don’t need to fight the enemy b/c he’s defeated. Both of those outlooks have played right into the trap of Satan and kept far too much of the body of Christ in bondage and simply managing demons. It’s kept them simply living with demons. You’ve heard the term functional alcoholic, which is someone who is an alcoholic but in denial. They can make it appear that all is well b/c they seem to have mastered being an alcoholic who doesn’t appear to be falling apart.


Well, there are too many functional oppressed Christians. These are what I see as Christians who walk around as though everything is ok but demons are blocking so much and causing so many issues in their life. Yet, they just live with it as though it’s part of life or the “struggle.” It doesn’t matter what your title is. You can be an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher, washed in the blood of Jesus and a Holy Ghost filled child of God, but that doesn’t prevent demonic oppression.


Demons don’t go until they are commanded to go and they will fight hard not to go. Some of those demons have been on your bloodline for centuries, and it can be broken with you! There were functional oppressed Christians who have died with demons. My prayer is that you don’t become that statistic. God is exposing the enemy in your life. I’m telling you and have been telling you that for most of you, you’re not waiting to get married.


I am a proponent of the church. I am the church. However, too much of the church at large has been petting demons, shouting at demons without the demonstration of the power of God, dancing with demons off a feel good message that didn’t break strongholds. Too much of the church has downplayed the power of Satan, which only empowers him. Yes, we have power over him but it must be demonstrated.


Too much of the church has told singles that they don’t need to focus on getting married or that they’re too consumed with the idea of getting married. This only causes more God given desires to be suppressed. God placed the desire in you to get married, and that is why you have that drive. That is why it’s on your mind.


Marriage was God’s idea, and if you’re longing for the 1, it’s because God placed that in you. It’s just like how you were wired to love God and desire more of God. The church is not telling you that you’re thinking about God too much because you were wired to think about God. If God ordained for you to be married, you were wired to long for the 1 He has for you when He has released them to be manifested in your life. You just have to fight for the manifestation when it’s clear there is a delay. The spirit of delay is a real demonic spirit among many others.


If your longing for the 1 has intensified, it’s a good indicator that they have been released. If you had the longing and lost it b/c of frustration and disappointment, it’s an indicator that you need to fight! You had better believe that Satan knows if the 1 has been released, and he initiated a plan to stop it from happening. You were wired to love because God is love. The longing you have for the 1 is the love of God that God placed in them for you. You’re longing for another piece of God in the 1 God has for you! That should be supernaturally natural to you!


You were not supposed to suppress that desire! God placed it in you, so when you’ve been told to not think about marriage so much or to just be content in your singleness, you’re actually telling God to be silent! There is a difference between a strong desire and being obsessed with something. No, you’re not making it into an idol, you just want very badly what God already said is yours!


Some of you have mastered the art of suppressing and you’ve unintentionally started cursing yourself, which only gives demons more legal rights to delay you from getting the 1. Remember, Satan is a legalist and he will use what he can to block things and to buy more time to delay manifestation in your life. Some of you have gotten frustrated and are cursing your marital destiny by saying things like, “I guess I’ll just be single forever…there are no good men available…I don’t even care anymore if I get married”…The list goes on and on.


Demons will use those words against you to continue to cause delay. It will actually cause you to unknowingly partner with Satan’s plans to stop you. I know you don’t want to partner with the enemy whose goal is to block and delay everything God has for you. So, go back and repent for those words you’ve spoken against your marital destiny and cast down those word curses in Jesus name! I’m tired of delay in your life!


In the meantime, know that God is love and His love is calling your name through the 1 He chose for you! God said that man should not be alone! You didn’t come up with that! You didn’t place that desire in you and Satan didn’t place it in you. The desire for God ordained marriage is what God placed in you. I love God ideas, and the 1 for you is another 1 of God’s perfect ideas! The enemy wants you to think the clock is working against you, but now it’s time to show that it’s working for you!


Fight for what is yours instead of waiting for what God already released! I thank God for all the encouragement to the body of Christ that comes through pastors, family, friends, relationship coaches, etc. We must collectively continue to mature as the body of Christ. He’s given everyone pieces to establish His kingdom on earth.


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As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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