You’re Single For All The Right Reasons

June 18, 2015 at 9:00 am


I'm Single

I often reiterate that being single is not a curse. It’s not a disease. You have assignments to complete as a single individual, just as you will have assignments when married. You are single for 1 of 2 reasons, either God hasn’t released them yet or God has released them and demons are holding them up.


I won’t get into details in this post b/c that’s not the direction I’m going in. What you must understand is that you’re not single for the wrong reasons, but you’re single for all the right reasons. You should prefer to be single while waiting for the right 1 then to be in a relationship with the wrong 1!


Regardless of what the media may show to try to scare you or make you feel like something is wrong with you, it’s all pointless to get caught up in. You must rest in the confidence in knowing that God has 1 for you no matter where they may be in the world right now. God supersedes any statistic. He is the Creator. He can literally create what you need.


You’re single for all the right reasons. You’re single because you haven’t met the right 1 yet. You’re single because you actually have standards and refuse to settle. If you didn’t have standards, you would be in a relationship right now with someone who does not measure up. You’re single because you trust God with the process.


Single and lonely don’t go hand in hand. Unfortunately, there are married people who also feel lonely. Lonely has nothing to do with being single or married, but feeling lonely has more to do with you actually thinking you’re in it by yourself. You should know that God is with you, even if you don’t literally feel His presence. Everything is working out in your favor.


Sure, you may have moments where you wish you had a significant other there to share certain things with. However, there is a difference in that moment as opposed to constantly living in that moment to where it turns from a good thought into frustration. That’s where loneliness comes in. The spirit of loneliness makes you feel like your situation won’t change. It makes you feel trapped in it.


If God placed the desire in you to marry, then you will desire to be with the 1. You will miss them at times. However, if it ever feels like torture, frustration, etc., the enemy is trying to twist it. The enemy is trying to turn what God meant for good into something bad. The wait is supposed to be beautiful as you pursue purpose, but the enemy tries to make the wait painful in an attempt to get you to abort.


So, you have to turn it back around on the enemy and be determined that you will trust God, and if the enemy is trying to pull you down, you must rebuke them and command them to leave in Jesus name. The Holy Spirit will then begin to reveal things to you in reference to your love life. Sometimes your prayer may just be for God to send the 1, but you should also ask Him to reveal to you any reasons why you haven’t met the 1 yet.


I remember when it was revealed to me why I kept getting so close to marriage and it didn’t happen. Things would be great and all of a sudden, they got scared and just couldn’t see it anymore. They would eventually come back a year or more later and in 1 way or another admit that they knew we were supposed to marry. It was revealed to me that there was a demonic spirit at work that was on my bloodline. Yes, demons have the ability to steal a promise of God if we are ignorant to what’s happening.


I had a demonic spiritual wife known as succubus spirit that would often show up in my dreams since I was a kid. I knew of this spirit as I gained a greater understanding of spiritual warfare years ago, but I did not know that it was attacking me until the Holy Spirit gave me revelation. That spirit works to prevent God ordained marriages. The one that attaches to females is called incubus, also known as a husband spirit.


They act as though they’re married to you, and they are jealous. They try to prevent marriage and try to keep you going through vicious cycles in relationships so they can stay around. I declare now that every husband or wife spirit attached to you or your bloodline die by fire in the name of Jesus. I declare that they shall be exposed if they’re operating in your life.


If you have had sex in your dreams, that spirit is the one having sex with you, and they will often pose as someone you know in the dream. Those type dreams are not from God. It’s that spirit that got to you through various open doors such as sex before marriage, masturbation, molestation, pornography, not taking control of sexual thoughts, something on your bloodline, etc. I did not expect to go in this direction right now, but God is exposing those demonic spirits.


If these spirits are what’s impacting your single status, then you must war against them in the spirit. You have the power of the Holy Spirit and authority of Jesus Christ to command them to leave and never to return.  Outside of those factors or anything hindering you from your past, you are single for all the right reasons.


You deserve the best in a relationship and God only knows how to give you the best if you let Him choose! He never asked you to choose. Don’t choose and then ask God to bless it! It’s easier when you let the Holy Spirit lead you, as you’ll choose what God already said yes to!


Love is not only in your future, but it’s in your present. It’s all around you because God is love. You’re single for all the right reasons, and no demon from hell will be able to stop it any longer. Don’t live in your feelings b/c demons want to fool you into getting mad at God when you need to take the anger out on demons in warfare!


In the meantime, keep going forward in what God is calling you to do! Continue to walk forward with boldness as you get closer and closer to being with the 1 God has for you. You’re not in this alone because God didn’t build you to do anything alone! The 1 will come, and I’m confident that you are more than ready!


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As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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